GHATS Student Athletic Trainer Scholarship

Each year GHATS presents up to three scholarships for use by a graduating high school student athletic trainer to further their college education, regardless of major.

Email your nominations to the GHATS Awards Comittee 

All nominations must be submitted by Midnight April 1st annually.

DISCLAIMER: By submitting the required items for consideration in this contest, you are providing the Greater Houston Athletic Trainers’ Society (GHATS) with permission to use your name and the submitted photo on our website, in our publications and with our affiliates.

Past Scholarship Recipients



Purpose: To recognize distinguished service as a student athletic trainer for a local high school and the community.

Number of Scholarships available: 3 annually


1. Graduating High School this year
2. Recommended by your Athletic Trainer

Submit all of the following items:

  • a. A current, official High School transcript with GPA figured on 4.0 scale.
  • b. Two letters of recommendations, one from a teacher and from outside the school (community service personnel). These should include the applicant’s scholarship, leadership abilities, interpersonal skills, integrity, and potential.
  • c. Nomination letter from your High School Athletic Trainer.
  • d. Resume including your community service work.
  • e. Personal Statement – One page describing what this scholarship will enable you to do and why the scholarship is important.
  • f. Proof of acceptance into a College or University.
  • g. Scholarship application – must be RECEIVED no later than date posted on GHATS website. Late applications will not be accepted.
  • h. Current Photo.By submitting the required items for consideration of a scholarship, you are providing the Greater Houston Athletic Trainers Society (GHATS) with permission to use the submitted photo on the GHATS website.We reserve the right to not award the scholarships if all applicants do not meet the above criteria. All nominations must be emailed by Midnight APRIL 1st annually.  
  • Include your entire application in one email to: 
  • Complete the Online application here
  • Download application form requirements here