GHATS Hall of Honor

To celebrate the hardwork and dedication of our leaders in the profession.


All GHATS Hall of Honor Inductees



Consideration will be given based on several factors to include:
 Must be nominated in writing (see Nomination form) by a GHATS Professional Member in Good Standing to the current GHATS President by the appointed due date
 Must be or have been a Professional/Honorary Member in Good Standing of GHATS for 15+ years AND/OR
 Have made significant contributions, distinctive service to and/or brought distinction to GHATS organization
 Be deemed eligible by the GHATS Board & GHATS Hall of Honor Committee
o GHATS Hall of Honor Committee will be comprised of the Current GHATS Board, 1-2 GHATS members in good standing appointed by the GHATS President and 1-2 current GHATS Hall of Honor recipients appointed by the GHATS President.
o Deliberations will be held in the strictest of confidence.
 GHATS Hall of Honor Induction will be rescinded for any indiscretion deemed unworthy of continued recognition by the GHATS Board.
o Examples include, but are not limited to any suspension and/or revocation of an AT License, AT Certification and/or Teaching Licenses.
It should be understood that it is the intention of the GHATS Board & GHATS Hall of Honor Committee that the first 2-3 years of inductees may be grand-fathered into the GHATS Hall of Honor based on significant and distinctive contributions to the GHATS Organization.
 The Inaugural class will determined by the GHATS Board and GHATS Hall of Honor Committee from nominations to include the 3 founding members of GHATS, past GHATS Presidents, GHATS Awards & Honor Namesakes, as well as longtime GHATS Sponsors.
 2nd year inductees will be determined by the GHATS Board & GHATS Hall of Honor Committee from nominations to include past GHATS Secretary/Treasurer & officers, GHATS Committee Chairs, GHATS Members who have significantly contributed to the advancement of the GHATS Organization and longtime GHATS Sponsors.

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