Requirements for hosting workshop

The biggest consideration to hosting the Workshop, besides the various areas within your campus, is your school’s capacity.  It is not necessary to have a new campus; however, access to large areas is important.  Other factors to consider are the following:

a) The Host Athletic Trainer must perform the duties of Program Chair for the Workshop

b) You must be able to reserve all areas of the building, if needed, the evening before and the day of the Workshop

c) Facility, security and custodial service must be at little or no cost to GHATS

d) Multiple areas within close proximity to conduct labs and instructional sessions that can hold 150-200 students each

e) The capacity for in-house copying of any materials needed for the Workshop

f) Area available to post 150-250 student poster presentations and permission to mount the posters on walls

g) Tables and chairs for students, vendors, college/university representatives without impeding access to electrical outlets

h) A location of the Professional business meeting and luncheon

i) IT assistance and audio-visual equipment needed for speaker presentations

There are also some additional considerations for Hosting the Workshop.  They are as follows:

a) Host must have ability to maintain composure, take direction, suggestions and positive criticism from the GHATS Board, Regional Representatives and Workshop Committee Chairs

b) Ideally, the Host will have attended and/or participated in previous Workshops (familiar with formatting, set up, expectations, etc.)

c) Good relationships and support of the following:

i. Principal, school administration and faculty members
ii. Athletic Director
iii. Coaching Staff
iv. Booster Club(s)
v. Team Physician(s)
vi. Fellow Athletic Trainers in your district and area

Workshop Handbook