Each year a new Taping Champion is made. There is a lot of pride at stake for the ones that enter this fierce competition. look at the past champions.

Student Taping Champions

2015 - Robert C Klein Oak

2014 - Shanterias A. Clear Brook

2013 - Rene R. Fort Bend Kempner

Professional Taping Champions

2015 - Johnny Gomez

2014 - Robbie McFarlin

2013 - Josh Bowles - Porter High School

2012 - Johnny Gomes - Northbrook High School

2011 - Catherine Marr - Klein Collings High School

2010 - Andi Tate - Magnolia West High School

2009 - George Timmons - Montgomery High School  

2008 - Megan Owney - Montgomery High School

2007 - Josh Bowles - Porter High School

taping contest rules

  • Each high school may enter only one student

  • Preliminaries will be held during the morning lecture sessions – finalist will be posted and finals will be after lunch

  • Tape job must include but is not limited to: 2 proximal anchors, 1 distal anchor, 3 stirrups, 2 horseshoes (laterals), 1 heel lock to each side, 2 figure 8’s, and a final cover. (Continuous heel locks and figure 8’s are allowed.)

  • Tape job will be judged in the following categories – neatness, stability, comfort, and time

  • Each category is worth 5 points

  • In the event of a tie – neatness and time will be the determining factors. If necessary, the absolute time will determine the winner. (i.e. A 37 second time will beat a 42 second time.)

  • There will be only one champion

  • Both the Student & Professional Taping Contest will follow the same guidelines.

GHATS Taping Contest guide with pictures (PDF)