Each year a new Taping Champion is made. There is a lot of pride at stake for the ones that enter this fierce competition. look at the past champions.

Student t-Shirt Champions

2015 -
2014 - Pearland Dawson

Rules / Guidelines

Printable version - updated 2016

By participating in this event, you are providing the Greater Houston Athletic Trainers Society
(GHATS) with permission to use the design, photos and information.
Entries must be submitted to tshirtcontest@ghats.org by DEC 1st

Contest Guidelines
 One entry per school
 At least one professional member MUST be in good standing before December 1 for their
submission to be eligible.
 The shirt design should represent your school and the athletic training profession.
 Designs may include line art and text but no photographs.
 The design may feature graphics and design on the front and/or back of the shirt.
 Designs can be submitted as PDF, JPEG or .GIF by Dec 1st
Selection Process
 GHATS board and Contest committee will choose three (3) finalists that illustrate an overall
representation of Athletic Training.
 Finalists’ designs will be posted to the GHATS social media and Webpage for public review
 Voting will take place during the morning session at the GHATS Student Athletic Trainers
 The winner will be announced at the GHATS Student Athletic Trainers Workshop and posted
via GHATS social media and Webpage