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The Texas Sunset Advisory Commission met Wednesday, August 13, 2014 and made decisions regarding the Texas Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers as well as the University Interscholastic League.  

Beginning in 2016-2017 the Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers will be moved the the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) where-in a "focused health section to ensure development of related expertise" will be created.  The TSATA feels strongly that this move will benefit the athletic trainers in Texas and will ensure we retain similar structure and rule-making authority for our license holders.  See the full report here.

The UIL has also been under review.  The Commission is requiring UIL to change the structure of the Medical Advisory Committee.  Here is an excerpt:

1. Direct UIL, as part of the rewrite of its Constitution and Contest Rules, to specify the makeup of the Medical Advisory Committee and require membership to include 14 members, as follows:

• eight licensed Texas physicians, one of which shall be a neurologist or neurosurgeon and one cardiologist; 

• three athletic trainers with preference given that two of the trainers be from secondary high school sports, with further preference of one trainer who predominately works with female athletes and one who works predominately with male athletes, and one of the trainers be from a Texas college or university sports program; and

• three non-voting members, including one representative each from the Texas State Athletic Trainers Association, Texas Girls Coaches Association, and Texas High School Coaches Association.  

See the complete UIL report here.

The Sunset Commission worked cooperatively with TSATA Leadership and our lobbyist at Hillco Partners to ensure the best case scenario for the Athletic Trainers in Texas.  The decisions documented above in both reports reflect the respect and high regard our profession as gained in this state.  This is not only results of the work of TSATA, but more importantly a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication each of you exhibit daily in your workplace!

Congratulations and Keep Moving Us Forward!


Scott Galloway, MBA, LAT, ATC
Chair, TSATA Board of Directors


Hall of Honor

The Hall of Honor was a great success. Thanks to all of those Athletic trainers who have gone before us and all of the ones who worked so hard to put this together.

Pictures will be posted to our Flikr site and streamed here soon.

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Our condolence to Gordon Graham on the loss of his wife.

Board Meeting @ Pasadena Memorial HS Sept. 17th 6:30pm

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